Vehicle information
Production number 27 / 100
Chassis number 76027
Color Yellow
Interior White / Beige Leather
Picture credit effeNovanta
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  • First Pacchetto Tempesta car
  • Tempesta package removed
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    This car is the first Huayra to have the Pacchetto Tempesta installed. It was first shown at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show together with the unveiling of the Huayra BC.
    The package costs €160.000 ($173k). There's no power increase, but you do get improved airflow under the chassis and more downforce, this is achieved by the new front splitter and rear diffuser, as well as a new underbody. Due to these changes the car requires a new set of four-way adjustable Ohlins shocks.
    The price includes a new set of wheels which are bigger yet lighter than the standard Huayra rims. Last but not least, the car gets a new exhaust system. The hand-welded titanium system weighs 3kg less than the original system.
    Pagani aims to improve the handling of the Huayra with this package by reducing roll and pitch of the car, for a more sporty but still comfortable driving experience.