Aventador SVJ Roadster & GT R Roadster

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Monday 4 March

It's the start of the Geneva International Motorshow this week and a lot of special cars will be seen in and around the Palexpo.
Here are some cars that will be on display and on our website.

The Aventador SVJ will now (as expected) also be offered as a Roadster. Limited to 800 units, which is 100 less than the Coupe (not including the SVJ 63). But is still 300 more than the Aventador SV Roadster, which makes the SVJ models more common.
The SVJ Roadster will be made available on our website soon.

Another Roadster that was announced is the AMG GT R Roadster. This one also comes as a limited model, even slightly more limited than the SVJ mentioned above, with the production set to 750 units.
We don't know if we'll track this car, but let us know if you would want to have this one added to the website.
Images: Lamborghini, Mercedes

McLaren 720S Spa 68 Collection #3465

Wednesday 30 January

Just like the 570S Canada Commission we have on the website, this 720S is a limited edition dealer commission.
Only three cars will be delivered through the Belgian McLaren importer McLaren Brussels / Ginion Group.

The Spa 68 Collection commemorates McLarens first win in F1. Bruce McLaren drove the McLaren M7A to first place during the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps in 1968.
The three cars are painted in MSO Anniversary Orange, a bespoke paint color made to represent the color of the 1968 race car as closely as possible.
Throughout the car you'll find numerous special details: the outline of Spa (like it was in '68) painted in silver in front of the rear wheels, an inscription on the carbon fiber door sill covers and the outline of the track stitched into the headrests. There also is a special key fob painted in the same orange with a silver "Spa 1968" inscription.

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Porsche 911 R #603

Monday 14 January

This car is part of the impressive Porsche collection from Johan of 911 Motorsport. One of the most special cars in his collection is the original '67 911 R (1 of 20 road cars). Johan lent that car to Porsche for the shoot they did with the launch of the new 911 R. The 911 R brochure shows his' 67 911 R. To show their appreciation, Porsche gave Johan a PTS slot for his new R, he went for Light Ivory as that's the closest match to the color of his original R. Only 2 911 R's are painted this color (the other being #61 of the @ingramcollection who also owns an original 911 R). He also added red racing stripes, his '67 R doesn't have those stripes but the Monza record run car did. His original R was the back up car for the Monza record run, a trip he revisited with both cars upon collecting #603.

On a side note, Johan wanted the chassis number of the new 911 R to match with the original one but 002 was reserved for the Porsche CEO so he went with 603 as his first RS was 1603.

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Ferrari F12tdf #219719

Wednesday 7 November

This car was designed through the Ferrari Tailor Made atelier to pay tribute to Ecurie Francorchamps, a small racing team by Jacques Swaters. The inspiration for this car came from the team's Ferrari 330 P4 (chassis #0856) driven by Willy Mairesse and Jean Blaton to third place at the 1967 Le Mans 24hr.

The car has a lot of special details, too much to share them all here so I'll keep it short with some of the highlights.
Rosso Corsa paint with racing livery in Giallo Modena. PROVA MO-159 in white on rear carbon fiber cross member, this was the registration that was (painted) on the 330 P4 #24 at Le Mans. Prova means test driving on an Italian plate and MO is for the region of Modena where Ferrari is based. White ceramic tailpipe tips. Red denim fabric interior with yellow Cavalino stitched on the headrests and blue 4 point harnesses. And a special dedication plate with the Francorchamps Scuderia symbol 'Ecurie Francorchamps'.
This car is owned by the president of the Ferrari club Belgio Nicola Daniello.

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Aston Martin DBS 59

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Friday 2 November

Aston Martin’s Q division doesn’t seem to be able to take a rest. The bespoke division has given various Aston Martin’s a special treatment to be built in limited numbers. The 1 of 12 Vanquish S Volante Tom Brady Signature Edition, 1 of 175 Vanquish S Ultimate and more recently the 1 of 14 V12 Vantage V600 are some we have featured before.
This time they’ve got their hands on the new DBS Superleggera. Aston’s most powerful road car yet has only been released recently and it already has a special variant. The Aston Martin DBS 59, only 24 of these will be made and it celebrates the DBR1’s ’59 24h of Le Mans win.
All 24 cars will be painted in Aston Martin Racing Green which will be accentuated by extensive use of gloss carbon fiber for the roof, roof strake and ducktail spoiler. On the inside we find a combination of Obsidian Black / Chestnut Tan leather and other details like the exterior color featuring on certain elements, ‘1959 – 2019 60th anniversary’ inscription on the dash and a DBR1 inscription on the inside of the sun visors. On the images we can also see a special mural-like image on the roof lining but Aston Martin hasn’t confirmed this in the press release. Furthermore bronze detailing is used all around the car for items like the Aston Martin, Superleggera and Q emblems, shift paddles and wheels.
Q will also provide bespoke accessories like Saddle Leather Helmet Pods in the rear compartment to hold special ‘DBS 59’ crash helmets, period blue race suits and gloves modeled on those worn by 1959 Le Mans-winning driver Caroll Shelby. Interesting fact for users of the website that are interested in collecting these cars, the production number of each car can be found on the side below the side-strakes and Q badge inside a small painted white roundel. The bespoke car cover in Aston Martin Racing Green that’s available as an option will also feature white roundels with the specific edition number.
The DBS 59 limited edition was a special commission by Aston Martin Cambridge and is therefore only available to order from them. Orders can still be placed at the time of writing.
Delivery dates and prices haven’t been released yet but we’ve already added the DBS 59 to the website along with the Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf.
Images: Aston Martin

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