Vehicle information
Production number 603 / 991
Chassis number 194403
Color Light Ivory
Interior Black Leather - Silver Stitching
Picture credit
  • Peter Bovyn
  • 911vintage
  • Uploaded by Exclusive Car Registry 
  • 1 of 2 in Light Ivory
  • Tribute to the owner's orignal '67 911 R which was the backup car for the Monza record run
  • Highlighted

    This car is part of the impressive Porsche collection from Johan of 911 Motorsport. One of the most special cars in his collection is the original '67 911 R (1 of 20 road cars). Johan lent that car to Porsche for the shoot they did with the launch of the new 911 R. The 911 R brochure shows his' 67 911 R. To show their appreciation, Porsche gave Johan a PTS slot for his new R, he went for Light Ivory as that's the closest match to the color of his original R. Only 2 911 R's are painted this color (the other being #61 of the @ingramcollection who also owns an original 911 R). He also added red racing stripes, his '67 R doesn't have those stripes but the Monza record run car did. His original R was the back up car for the Monza record run, a trip he revisited with both cars upon collecting #603.

    On a side note, Johan wanted the chassis number of the new 911 R to match with the original one but 002 was reserved for the Porsche CEO so he went with 603 as his first RS was 1603.