Pagani Huayra Roadster BC

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Wednesday 31 July

The Pagani Huayra Roadster BC is an open top version of the Huayra BC and an evolution of the Huayra Roadster. While it is mainly based on the design language of the Huayra Roadster, not one body part was shared. The body has been entirely changed being fully carbon fiber with additional aero parts indicating the BC's more track focused nature. The added aero parts give the car a more sporty look over the elegant Huayra Roadster and also slightly more aggressive than the BC Coupe.

The BC Roadster has a newly developed AMG engine (codenamed C10) which is being developed for the next generation Pagani. It delivers 802hp and 1050nm of torque which is a slight step upwards from the 755hp of the BC Coupe and the 764hp of the Huayra Roadster.

Another interesting fact is alongside the iconic 4 central exiting exhaust pipes there are now also extra exhaust pipes integrated in the diffuser which will help make this car louder and combined with the new engine give it a different sound than the one we’ve known from the Huayra before.
The Roadster BC is also the first Pagani with a switchable exhaust valve to make it quieter or louder by the touch of a button.

40 units will be made and another 4 prototypes are used by the factory, most of those will probably be sold later on as we have seen with other models.

The Roadster BC is now available to upload on the website and we look forward to seeing the unique specifications future owners will undoubtedly have created.

Images: Pagani / Philipp Rupprecht

Aventador SVJ Roadster & GT R Roadster

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Monday 4 March

It's the start of the Geneva International Motorshow this week and a lot of special cars will be seen in and around the Palexpo.
Here are some cars that will be on display and on our website.

The Aventador SVJ will now (as expected) also be offered as a Roadster. Limited to 800 units, which is 100 less than the Coupe (not including the SVJ 63). But is still 300 more than the Aventador SV Roadster, which makes the SVJ models more common.
The SVJ Roadster will be made available on our website soon.

Another Roadster that was announced is the AMG GT R Roadster. This one also comes as a limited model, even slightly more limited than the SVJ mentioned above, with the production set to 750 units.
We don't know if we'll track this car, but let us know if you would want to have this one added to the website.
Images: Lamborghini, Mercedes

McLaren 720S Spa 68 Collection # 1

Wednesday 30 January

Just like the 570S Canada Commission we have on the website, this 720S is a limited edition dealer commission.
Only three cars will be delivered through the Belgian McLaren importer McLaren Brussels / Ginion Group.

The Spa 68 Collection commemorates McLarens first win in F1. Bruce McLaren drove the McLaren M7A to first place during the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps in 1968.
The three cars are painted in MSO Anniversary Orange, a bespoke paint color made to represent the color of the 1968 race car as closely as possible.
Throughout the car you'll find numerous special details: the outline of Spa (like it was in '68) painted in silver in front of the rear wheels, an inscription on the carbon fiber door sill covers and the outline of the track stitched into the headrests. There also is a special key fob painted in the same orange with a silver "Spa 1968" inscription.

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Porsche 911 R # 603

Monday 14 January

This car is part of the impressive Porsche collection from Johan of 911 Motorsport. One of the most special cars in his collection is the original '67 911 R (1 of 20 road cars). Johan lent that car to Porsche for the shoot they did with the launch of the new 911 R. The 911 R brochure shows his' 67 911 R. To show their appreciation, Porsche gave Johan a PTS slot for his new R, he went for Light Ivory as that's the closest match to the color of his original R. Only 2 911 R's are painted this color (the other being #61 of the @ingramcollection who also owns an original 911 R). He also added red racing stripes, his '67 R doesn't have those stripes but the Monza record run car did. His original R was the back up car for the Monza record run, a trip he revisited with both cars upon collecting #603.

On a side note, Johan wanted the chassis number of the new 911 R to match with the original one but 002 was reserved for the Porsche CEO so he went with 603 as his first RS was 1603.

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Ferrari F12tdf # 219719

Wednesday 7 November

This car was designed through the Ferrari Tailor Made atelier to pay tribute to Ecurie Francorchamps, a small racing team by Jacques Swaters. The inspiration for this car came from the team's Ferrari 330 P4 (chassis #0856) driven by Willy Mairesse and Jean Blaton to third place at the 1967 Le Mans 24hr.

The car has a lot of special details, too much to share them all here so I'll keep it short with some of the highlights.
Rosso Corsa paint with racing livery in Giallo Modena. PROVA MO-159 in white on rear carbon fiber cross member, this was the registration that was (painted) on the 330 P4 #24 at Le Mans. Prova means test driving on an Italian plate and MO is for the region of Modena where Ferrari is based. White ceramic tailpipe tips. Red denim fabric interior with yellow Cavalino stitched on the headrests and blue 4 point harnesses. And a special dedication plate with the Francorchamps Scuderia symbol 'Ecurie Francorchamps'.
This car is owned by the president of the Ferrari club Belgio Nicola Daniello.

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Aston Martin DBS 59

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Friday 2 November

Aston Martin’s Q division doesn’t seem to be able to take a rest. The bespoke division has given various Aston Martin’s a special treatment to be built in limited numbers. The 1 of 12 Vanquish S Volante Tom Brady Signature Edition, 1 of 175 Vanquish S Ultimate and more recently the 1 of 14 V12 Vantage V600 are some we have featured before.
This time they’ve got their hands on the new DBS Superleggera. Aston’s most powerful road car yet has only been released recently and it already has a special variant. The Aston Martin DBS 59, only 24 of these will be made and it celebrates the DBR1’s ’59 24h of Le Mans win.
All 24 cars will be painted in Aston Martin Racing Green which will be accentuated by extensive use of gloss carbon fiber for the roof, roof strake and ducktail spoiler. On the inside we find a combination of Obsidian Black / Chestnut Tan leather and other details like the exterior color featuring on certain elements, ‘1959 – 2019 60th anniversary’ inscription on the dash and a DBR1 inscription on the inside of the sun visors. On the images we can also see a special mural-like image on the roof lining but Aston Martin hasn’t confirmed this in the press release. Furthermore bronze detailing is used all around the car for items like the Aston Martin, Superleggera and Q emblems, shift paddles and wheels.
Q will also provide bespoke accessories like Saddle Leather Helmet Pods in the rear compartment to hold special ‘DBS 59’ crash helmets, period blue race suits and gloves modeled on those worn by 1959 Le Mans-winning driver Caroll Shelby. Interesting fact for users of the website that are interested in collecting these cars, the production number of each car can be found on the side below the side-strakes and Q badge inside a small painted white roundel. The bespoke car cover in Aston Martin Racing Green that’s available as an option will also feature white roundels with the specific edition number.
The DBS 59 limited edition was a special commission by Aston Martin Cambridge and is therefore only available to order from them. Orders can still be placed at the time of writing.
Delivery dates and prices haven’t been released yet but we’ve already added the DBS 59 to the website along with the Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf.
Images: Aston Martin

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

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Friday 24 August

The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is finally here. The final Aventador model was introduced at Car Week in Monterey.
It has 770 horsepower (like the Centenario) and 720nm of torque. It is essentially an evolved Aventador SV, with added tech that we know from the Huracán Performante called ALA (Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva) Lamborghini’s Active Aero, which you can clearly see by the very aggressive shapes guiding the air around the car. Seeing that the SVJ currently holds the Nürburgring lap record this aero must do its work properly.
Lamborghini will make 900 units of the Aventador SVJ Coupe, there is no roadster announced yet but we could assume that this version will follow in due course. Another version that was already announced though is the SVJ 63. With 63 as in 1963, the year Lamborghini was founded and also the number of units that will be made of this limited edition SVJ. As far as we can see this version only has a few cosmetic differences, with the 63 stickers being the most obvious, meaning it is not really that different from the ‘standard’ SVJ.
The first cars should be delivered from the beginning of 2019 onwards at a starting price of 349.000 euros (excluding taxes).
The various Aventador SVJ versions will be added to Exclusive Car Registry with the next car update, ready for users to collect these cars once they arrive in a few months’ time.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage V600

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Saturday 16 June

Aston Martin brings out yet another limited-run model. The production of the new Vantage is well underway but they’ve decided to put out some more Vantages of the old body shape, with some design elements from the new model however.
Q will make 14 of the V12 Vantage V600, 7 of which are coupes and 7 roadsters. As the name suggests the 5.9l V12 that’s under the hood will produce 600hp, all of them with a manual 7-speed gearbox. The body looks quite like a GT12 without a wing but even wider and meaner with the bigger grille and diffuser, unique hood vents and quad exhaust tips, making this the ultimate Vantage of the old shape.
With only 14 cars you’d think they would all be sold but apparently there’s still some cars left, maybe that’s because of the massive price tag of 1.2 million pounds.
The V12 Vantage V600 will be added to the website once cars start being delivered this fall.
Images: Chris Harris & Aston Martin

570S Spider Canada Commission

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Sunday 22 April

Just like McLaren Newport Beach ordered their custom 570S, Pfaff Automotive has done the same for their dealerships through Canada. This bespoke project isn’t race-focused like the MSO X is, but instead takes a more subtle approach through unique modifications by McLaren’s Special Operations.
The 570S Spider Canada Commission, as the name suggests, is Canadian themed with the Silica White paintwork and red tinted carbon fiber representing the colors of the Canadian flag. White accent stripes are found on the lower carbon fiber parts (splitter, side skirts & diffuser) and to let you know this isn’t just any 570S with a special MSO treatment, Canadian flags are placed on the side skirts (instead of the 570S script) and a maple leaf on the rear deck. A custom plaque on the inside will also point out that this is the 1 of 5 Canada Commission. Continuing on the inside, the black leather and alcantara is accented by a red alcantara roof liner and steering wheel.
McLaren has a history in Canada with Bruce McLaren winning three races in a row in the Canadian Sportscar Championship behind the wheel of the McLaren M1B in 1966; Bruce McLaren and Denny Hulme finishing first and second at the Canadian Grand Prix in 1968; and the 1-2-3 podium finish at the opening round of the Can-Am Challenge in 1969 by Bruce McLaren, Denny Hulme and John Surtees in McLaren M8B and M12 racecars[LC1]. This car was commissioned to celebrate that history.
Five of these will be made, with 3 being delivered through McLaren Toronto and the other two at McLaren Montréal and McLaren Vancouver for a price-tag of around $280,000.
We’ve added the Canada Commission to the website ready to collect the 5 cars as soon as deliveries start.
Info & pictures via PFAFF Automotive.

McLaren MSO X

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Wednesday 28 March

The ‘entry level’ McLaren recently received a special treatment by MSO, in form of the MSO X. The name translates exactly to what the car is, McLaren Special Operations Ten, a special order limited to 10 examples.
The car is not a regular off the line model by McLaren, instead it’s a custom order by some important customers commissioned by McLaren Newport Beach. That means you could only get the car if you were in on it and only through the dealer in Newport Beach.
The MSO X could be seen as a street legal 570S GT4 race car, because it essentially is just that. A lot of parts are similar if not the same as seen on the GT4, for example the intakes that start at the front bumper and exit out of the hood and the big rear spoiler. But there’s also a roof scoop, a feature that the GT4 doesn’t have. That’s basically as far as the modifications go, since they are only cosmetical, meaning there’s no change to the power output.
To tie in with the racecar theme the cars are all finished in a color scheme inspired by F1 GTR racecars, the liveries are not painted but applied in form of a vinyl wrap by Protective Film Soloutions.
We’ve recently added this car to our website and almost instantly had all 10. Thanks go out to the users who uploaded them. We are currently still looking for better pictures and accurate locations for most cars so if you have extra information feel free to let us know through the edit functionality.
Image by McLaren Newport Beach

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse # 79

Thursday 25 January

This Veyron is an interesting one to say the least. Originally delivered to its first owner (presumably named Daniel going by the stitching on the headrests) in Singapore. Daniel must be a massive fan of the movie franchise Transformers because he specced his car with a two-tone blue paintjob which shows the Autobot logo on the hood and carries through that same design on the sides. The Autobot logo is seen again on the inside between the seats, finished in brushed aluminium.
The car is painted in Bugatti Light Blue (with a darker shade of blue for the logo) and the bottom is finished in blue exposed carbon fiber. On the inside we see the same blue exposed carbon fiber on the doors as well as the center console. The interior is upholstered with light and dark blue leather and light blue stitching.
As is the case with most of these cars this one mainly saw the inside of the owners garage before being sold and shipped over to Los Angeles mid 2015. From then it started its tour of luxury car dealers in the state of California, starting with Los Gatos Luxury cars then moving on to Ilusso and now recently at CNC Exotics where its only showing 476 miles on the clock.
It’s not surprising that this car hasn’t found an owner yet since you’d pretty much have to be named Daniel and be a fan of Transformers. Until that person comes along this car will probably reside inside of a dealership, where it has been most of its life.

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Vehicle location history

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Sunday 14 January

With the recently added ‘previous locations’ feauture, we try to track the history of a vehicle by documenting where it has travelled throughout its life, sometimes with multiple owners. Some cars on the website are amongst the rarest on the planet, so it’s not surprising that buyers of these vehicles sometimes get the car from a totally different continent.
Like this recently uploaded Carrera White Porsche Carrera GT #985. It was delivered new to the original owner, Head of State in the Middle East, before being relocated to the UK where it then got final preparations done to be sold at auction in Monaco. Sadly, despite being 1 of only 2 examples finished in Carrera White it didn’t meet its reserve and therefore wasn’t sold.
Some cars have even more unique stories, like Carrera GT #360. First of all this car was sold to its first owner in Hawaii, where (at the moment) we only have the Blu Cepheus Centenario registered. Later on it had found its way to Japan where it remained for 10 years, after that it travelled back to the US where it got auctioned off in Monterey.
But lastly, we have the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport #51. This car was built for the US market where it was the 9th of 11 Grand Sports. It was delivered to Bugatti Beverley Hills, but shortly thereafter got exported via Brussels to Nigeria. It’s one of only very few Veyrons to ever have been on the African continent and remained there for several years. Mid 2016 it made its way back to Europe and as expected it wasn’t driven much with only 424 miles on the clock at the time. From there it got shipped back to the US, where it got offered for sale with Ilusso. After that it was sold at auction in Monterey this year.
Since the auctions of all 3 cars we don’t have any information about their current locations. As always, if someone knows more feel free to let us know!
If people like this feature, we might put it up with the edit functionality in the future. For now you can send a previous location through the normal location change edit while mentioning this was a location the car resided before. All cars that change location now will automatically have a location history as the previous locations are saved.
Images & info via RM Sotheby's.

Vanquish S Ultimate

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Wednesday 1 November

We have only just put up the Vanquish S Volante Tom Brady Signature Edition and Aston Martin announces another limited edition of the Vanquish S, a very special model to bid a farewell to the current generation Vanquish that they’ve called the ‘Vanquish S Ultimate’.
Performance-wise the car is the same as a regular Vanquish S, with the same 6.0-litre V12 that puts out 595bhp, carbon ceramic brakes and so on. It’s the exterior and interior finish that differentiates the Ultimate model.
Available in Coupe or Volante form and with 3 color schemes, divided in 3 designer themes, along with some unique details only for the Vanquish S Ultimate: carbon fiber side strakes with rose gold ‘Ultimate‘ decals, carbon fiber treadplates and an ‘Ultimate’ sill plaque, a special stitched quilting design on the seats, plus ‘Ultimate’ headrest embroidery. All 3 themes have details finished in black: the exhaust pipes, brake calipers, window trims and the 5-spoke rims. The bonnet louvres, front grille and side strakes are finished in carbon fiber.

The first designer theme (pictured)

This theme has an Ultimate Black paintwork, a color that was created for the first-gen Vanquish Ultimate Edition, with copper-bronze graphics (front air intake, side sills and rear diffuser). On the inside the Obsidian Black leather is accented by Chestnut Tan stitching and carbon fibre twill facia.

The second designer theme

Inspired by technical sportswear, this theme has Xenon Grey paintwork with Cobalt Blue graphics and the yellow brake calipers contrast against the gloss black 5-spoke rims. The same color scheme is found on the inside with Electron Yellow accents and Spectral Blue stitching to contrast against the Phantom Grey leather.

The third designer theme

This theme has White Gold paintwork and Bronze graphics, Chestnut Tan leather with Obsidian Black accents switches around the interior color scheme from the first designer theme. Lastly this theme has special cuprum carbon fibre facia.

Customers aren’t strictly limited to these 3 themes as they can combine the exterior color scheme and interior package from the different Designer themes as a no-cost option. This is something the design team has worked on, to make sure each combination works well together to offer the customers maximum choice.
Only 175 cars will be made and they’ll come at a price of £211,995 (UK) / €278,995 (Germany) for the Coupe, and £223,995 (UK) / €293,995 (Germany) for the Volante. The Vanquish S Ultimate is now added to our website for when deliveries start in Q1 of 2018.
Images: Aston Martin

Vanquish S Volante Tom Brady Signature Edition

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Friday 27 October

Whilst Aston Martin is already testing the upcoming generation Vanquish, they just announced a limited edition of the current Vanquish, the Vanquish S Volante to be precise.
Created in collaboration with National Football League star, Tom Brady, they fittingly called it the ‘Tom Brady Signature Edition’. Only 12 examples of this open-top Aston Martin will be made, and we’ve just made it available for upload on Exclusive Car Registry for when deliveries start in the first quarter of 2018.
All cars will be a convertible and they’ll have Tom’s signature on the sill plates as well as the ‘TB12’ logo on a fender badge, embossed on the headrests and also as a pull tab in the rear of the car. These will be finished in California Poppy just like the paddle shifters. The car is painted in a dark blue color called ‘Ultramarine Black’ and on the inside the seats are upholstered with ‘Dark Knight’ (black) leather.
Whilst the regular Vanquish S Volante model sells for around $315,000, this limited run model will have a price of $360,000.
Fun fact: If Tom Brady would like one of the 12 examples he would have to buy it himself, as it’s not included in the deal with Aston Martin.
Images: Aston Martin

Ferrari Enzo # 136085

Monday 16 October

This Enzo stands out from the rest by being finished in the lovely ‘Blu Tour de France’ paint and not the usual shade of red, but even more so by the story of how it got this color.
It came out of the factory in Maranello with the unique ‘Matt Titanio Extra Campionario’ color over a Pelle Cuoio (4609) interior and it was the only Enzo to be painted in this unique shade.
Ferrari dealer Forza S.p.A, based in Venaria (Italy) close to Turin, took delivery of the car in November 2004. They then sold the car to a member of a Middle Eastern royal family in London, Prince Akim.
Before it got sold to it’s new owner it received a Classiche certification (factory Certificate of Authenticity, number 844 F) on March 6th 2008. As mentioned it was later on put up for sale and sold at RM Auctions’ Leggenda e Passione sale at the Ferrari factory, the same auction that recently sold the LaFerrari Aperta #210 for the insane amount of €8.300.000.
The person who bought it worked in behalf of a Asian mining magnate, who has owned it for the next 6 years. During this period he got it repainted to ‘Blu Tour de France’ because that’s more to his liking. It’s questionable to repaint a car that’s so limited and especially because it was the only one in ‘Matt Titanio Extra Campionario’.
After that it moved on to it’s now previous owner, where it apparently was maintained alongside an exceptional collection of cars from all eras.
Recently it was put up for auction with RM Sotheby’s again, where it sold for £1,805,000.
Feel free to let us know the current location of this car or to complete the location history.

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McLaren 675LT Spider # 67542

Sunday 24 September

This 675LT Spider is another perfect showcase of MSO’s abilities. The unique specification pays tribute to the 1995 Jacadi F1 GTR (chassis #07R). It’s painted in Maritime Blue, the color Jacadi chose to use for their race cars, coming from a classic shade offered by Porsche. And this is the only LT Spider finished in that color. The red, white and blue accents found on the mirrors, louvres and steering wheel represent the French flag because Jacadi is based in Paris.
Chassis #07R entered races as car #50 over 20 years ago, the same number you can find painted on both sides of this car.
The French flag theme continues on the inside with blue alcantara inserts on the seats, white stitching and red seatbelts. The classic Porsche shade is also used on the inside with the handling and powertrain bezels painted the same Maritime Blue as the exterior. The total cost for these unique upgrades is $112,000 in addition to the base price of $372,600.
This unique car is still for sale at McLaren Scottsdale, who are hoping to find a home worthy of it’s significance.

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Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta # 231585

Thursday 7 September

It’s pretty hard to miss that Ferrari is celebrating their 70th anniversary this year.
First of all they are doing all these historically inspired liveries for new cars (70 liveries to be precise, how obvious). You can have a look at all of them here. Having seen #7 and #15 in person, I must say I really like what they are doing with this. There are ofcourse some questionable designs, but most of them look fairly good in my opinion. It spices up the otherwise quite conservative specs I’m used to seeing and it’s cool that they’re inspired by one of the 70 most beautiful Ferraris in history.
On the other hand they launched the LaFerrari Aperta as the car to celebrate their anniversary. They planned to make 209 examples of this open-top LaFerrari but just like with the coupe they made “one” more, to be auctioned off.
LaFerrari #500 (which is not yet on our website) was sold for the insane amount of 7 million dollars. That amount went fully to the victims of the earthquakes that hit Central Italy in 2016. The proceeds of the Aperta will also head to charity, this time RM Sotheby’s will auction it off for “Save The Children”. They estimate between 3 and 4 million euros, but if a car limited to 500 examples goes for 7 million the Aperta limited to 210 examples will probably go for a lot more than the estimate. We’ll know Saturday the 9th of September when it’s auctioned in Maranello.
Car #210 will be painted in a unique livery, consisting of Rosso Fuoco paint with Bianco Italia striping. It also happens to be car #2000 on our website, only about 125 days apart from car #1000. If you read the article about that car, you’ll see that it took about 600 days to get from the first car to a thousand, so you could certainly say the website is growing fairly quickly. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this: uploading, but also editing cars and in that way providing us with correct information.
I’m doing my best to add some new features to the website as fast as I can. Some recent changes are the new layout for the car feeds and other minor updates like the ability to see where a car has travelled on the map page and the automatic linking of cars from the same owner through their Instagram account. But also a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ tweaks to make the website faster and more stable.
The first new feature coming up should be the filters on the thumbnail view to find a car you are looking for more easily. Now this is only possible through the search function on the list view. So keep an eye out for that and more at some point in the near future.

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Ferrari LaFerrari # 202882

Sunday 27 August

This LaFerrari stands out from the rest, not only by not being in the common shade of red (or resale red as some call it) but also being owned by a guy on Instagram by the name of @powerslidelover. As the name suggest, he likes powerslides. So unlike most other LaFerrari’s this one gets driven, hard. LaNera, as he likes to call the car, has even visited The Nürburgring and Spa Francorchamps which makes for some epic footage that you should definitely watch if you haven’t yet done so. You can find the videos on his YouTube channel.
LaNera has recently gotten a new stable mate, in form of the LaFerrari Aperta with a matching spec, only now with the red accent lines known on the Aperta’s. And looking at his latest Instagram post he is having equally as much fun in it, if not more. A LaFerrari doing donuts around another one is certainly not something you see everyday.
Aside from the V12 hypercars, his garage also has some other beautiful cars. A satin grey F12tdf, blue Aventador SV Roadster, white and gold 911 R, light blue GT3 RS and much more. We are still looking for the numbers on his other cars before we can add them to the website, so if anyone could help out with that it would be greatly appreciated.

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McLaren P1 # 375

Saturday 19 August

This P1 is the 375th and final example to come out of the McLaren Production Centre (MPC).
Just like the F1 it was ground-breaking and has set the bar even higher. So it’s fitting that the final P1 pays tribute to its predecessor by ‘copying’ the same spec of the 64th and final F1 road car (chassis #075). Car 375 is painted in the same bright shade of pearlescent orange called Yquem based on a favorite wine of the owner. This color later inspired the Volcano Orange color. On the inside, seats are upholstered with black and orange alcantara with orange stitching and a gloss black finish fort he switches and vents.
The last car is almost the opposite of the first one, which is not chassis #1 since cars weren’t produced in order. It’s more subtle than the bright and stand-out orange car, painted in Ice Silver and it also has more carbon fiber options.
Once production was up to speed McLaren was able to finish one P1 a day, with each individual car taking 17 days to complete on average depending specification. And talking about specification, the team at MSO ensures that no two cars are the same by customising them to the owners requirements to suit their needs perfectly. While the last car was being finished, MSO was already working on the full carbon fiber body conversions for some P1s. And the Ultimate Series continued up until early 2016 with the “track-only” P1 GTR.

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Pagani Huayra BC # 9

Tuesday 8 August

For those who didn’t know, the BC in Huayra BC stands for Benny Caiola. This is because Horacio wants to pay tribute to his late friend (who sadly died from cancer in 2010). He was Pagani’s first customer and a great inspiration to it’s founder. So much so that he provided the idea for the track focussed Zonda R along with other Zonda variants. The BC is to the Huayra a bit like the Zonda R is to the Zonda, the hardcore version. Only this time it’s road legal.
The car that was used for the BC’s North American premiere in New York (where Caiola lived) is finished in a matte white color called Bianco Benny, just to illustrate how strong the relationship between Caiola and Pagani was. This car was later used for promotional purposes at numerous events in the US.
The Caiola family also has their own BC, #9 out of 20. The car is finished in Rosso Dubai with a central stripe in Grigio Monaco and Bianco Benny. These are the colors that were created for Benny’s Pagani’s.

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Porsche 918 Spyder # 646

Saturday 28 July

This particular 918 is the final one to have rolled off the line at the plant in Zuffenhausen. Porsche pushed out all 918 cars after 21 months, all according to schedule.
It’s finished in a shade of dark red and it also has some other Porsche Exclusive options, like the red painted brake calipers. These are painted Acid Green on the majority of 918’s with a few exceptions that have them in silver (from factory). Porsche didn’t really offer the option to have them painted in any other color than the bright shade of green, which is a shame since it doesn’t match well with a lot of colors, but the people who did manage to get them painted to their liking had to pay an absurd amount. As far as I know this is the only 918 to have them in red from factory, at least from the ones we have recorded.
It doesn’t have the Weissach Package, so it doesn’t get the carbon fiber treatment for the roof, wing mirrors, and so on. Not having the light weight package also means it comes standard with the regular 10 dual-spoke wheels, finished here in full matte black. Which is also something not often seen from factory since they normally have the two-tone gloss black and silver finish. The Weissach wheels were also offered to people who didn’t spec the Weissach Package but wanted another type of wheels.
We can’t see the interior specification since it is covered up with protective covers, so we’ll just assume it’s the black leather with Acid Green piping option like on most 918’s until someone provides us with more information.
All things considered, this is a pretty nicely specced example. Certainly if you look at the car that rolled off the line right in front of it, car #917.
The second to last car is finished in black and also does not have the Weissach Package. But the owner did opt for the Weissach wheels to make the otherwise quite common (if you could even call a 918 common) spec, stand out a bit more. This car was deliverd through Porsche RS Motors in Ingelmunster Belgium and was last seen at the circuit of Spa wearing a matte black wrap back in 2015.
If someone has more information about these cars, you are like always more than welcome to send it over.

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Tailor Made Avorio Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

Tailor Made   6
Friday 21 July

I saw this car whilst I was passing by my local Ferrari dealership (Ferrari Monza) and couldn't resist to pull over for some pictures. They always have some great cars on display, as the 360 Challenge Stradale, SA Aperta and pearl white F12 TDF that are also currently filling the showroom would indicate. But it was the GTC4 Lusso that caught my eye.
It has to be one of the highest specced ones out there. This Tailor Made example features Avorio paintwork, a color that is also used for almost every paintable part in the interior. To make it stand out even more the seats and underside of the dash are finished in light blue leather. This is a livery for the 70 years of Ferrari.
You have to like the colors, but I think it makes for a stunning and certainly unique Ferrari four-seater.

Porsche 918 Spyder # 576

Thursday 13 July

This is a car that causes a bit of confusion. Several sources have said that there’s only 2 918 Spyders in Acid Green with the Weissach Package from factory. First we have #252, the car that got a lot of attention when it went around the Nürburgring back with it’s first owner. And the well-known #573 once owned by Salomondrin. Both these cars have changed hands and travelled quite a bit, see here for #252 and here for #573.
But now this one has been uploaded and we have 3 Acid Green Weissachs. It was seen at Porsche Bordeaux and, I believe, was originally headed to it’s owner in Dubai, but he sadly passed away before taking delivery. He was active on CarThrottle, you can find his page here.
So either the people saying there’s only 2 are wrong or there’s a car that is not Acid Green with the Weissach package from factory, either by wrapping it or adding the Weissach Package afterwards. But you can usually tell which cars have a non-factory Weissach pack by the frame around the windshield not being in carbon and none of the 3 seem to have that.
Here’s my theory: First of all #573 is most certainly ‘the real deal’, it’s distinguishable from the other 2 with it’s Mocha Brown leather instead of the standard black and it’s the only one (road legal) in the US, noticeable by the side reflectors on it’s rear bumper. This car is currently with Chicago Motor Cars in West Chicago.
Other than that it was headed to Dubai and the few pictures at Porsche Bordeaux, we don’t know anything about car #576. So we move straight to #252 which I believe to be the non-original one of the three. It has recently been seen in Zürich with different plates, it also has a sticker that reads “Insidercars” on the back which leads to an empty Instagram account. With these recent pictures on AutoGespot, you can see the car has no original badges on the sides where it usually has an “e-hybrid” badge as well as on the rear, where the 918 Spyder badge has been replaced by a sticker. This could indicate that it’s a wrap. This would also mean that the picture posted with this car at Top Marques Monaco is actually #576.
It would be greatly appreciated if someone could confirm this assumption or correct me if I’m wrong. Current whereabouts of car #576 are also more than welcome.

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McLaren P1 # 80

Wednesday 28 June

McLaren P1 #080 is the only P1 sold to Italy. It’s finished in a Porsche color known from the 997.2 GT3 RS, called ‘Grauschwarz’. This flat dark grey color is accented by Rocket Red stripes around the car. The red also returns on the inside with an almost fully red interior.
The car gets used properley, having been to a few racetracks (The Nürburgring and Monza). It also visited the factories of Ferrari and Pagani, where Horacio Pagani even took it for a drive. And it was seen around London recently.

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Porsche 918 Spyder # 299

Thursday 15 June

This 918 is one of the most unique paint to sample examples inspired by the famous 917 liveries.
Initially Porsche didn't want to paint the decals onto the cars, they were going to wrap them on the cars. This meant the decals were only going to last a few years or so, and since these 918's were going to the most demanding VIP clients this was no option. These cars were built and delivered last: Mark Webbers Guards Red 918 with White Salzburg Livery, the Brumos Livery, 2 Gulf liveried examples one in Atlanta and the other one in Canada (not yet registered), this blue-purple one with green Hippie Livery and the only other Hippie Livery 918 in yellow with the livery in red (not yet registered). As well as some others already on the site (need confirmation on which are painted or wrapped).
These liveries require panels to be painted with 2 different colors, which is quite expensive. A regular PTS color (e.g. Riviera Blue) for the 918 was $ 21,000, while more complicated ones (e.g. Pearl White) were $ 49,000. The Liquid Metal colors (Liquid Metal Silver and Liquid Metal Chrome Blue), despite being quite popular, come at $ 63,000. This is because they consist of 9 coats of which the metallic flake is aligned by magnets and three clear coats on top of that.
If we consider these prices the PTS liveries are probably well over $ 100,000 and this is without the Porsche Exclusive interior options (e.g. special stitching, leather color, headrest embossing, …) which these owners no doubt opted for. This explains why these special cars were only offered to the elite clients on Porsches VIP list.
There is a brilliant article on Rennlist on how these cars came together and the story behind them, which you should definitely read if you are interested in this.

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Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series

News   9
Thursday 8 June

Porsche is back with another limited-run model, the 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series. The car is now available to upload on our website for when it arrives late 2017.
But before that happens, here are some interesting facts about the car. It's up 27hp from a standard Turbo S, this means it's the fastest 911 ever produced. As the name suggests, this car was developped by Porsche's Exclusive division, Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur to be correct. They are the people who help you when you want to personalize your Porsche. These are some of the other collectors’ items they've created: 911 Sport Classic, limited to 250 examples; the 911 Speedster, limited to 356 units; or the Panamera Exclusive Series, produced in a limited run of only 100.
With that experience they've created this golden rocket, Golden Yellow Metallic is the official paint name. This is the standard color for the car but on request you can have your car finished in Agate Grey Metallic or Carrara White Metallic at no extra cost. Graphite Blue Metallic, Black or Guards Red is available at extra cost.
Another thing that stands out are the unique gold-accented split spoke 20-inch wheels, these are standard. Behind those hide the brake calipers of the Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB), they are not painted in their customary yellow, but in black and with the ‘PORSCHE’ logo in Golden Yellow Metallic, to keep in with the black & gold theme.
Another thing that comes standard is the Aerokit, this includes a revised front fascia and a different wing on the rear decklid. The rear is also quite different, most notably by the round exhausts.
The interior continues on the theme we see on the outside, with carbon and Gold Yellow stitching.
The Turbo S Exclusive Series will start at €259,992 ($257,500) including VAT.
Picture credit: Porsche

Porsche 918 Spyder # 161

Monday 5 June

As this week's highlight we have another 918. This one looks to be finished in Lava Orange, a paint color we know from the 991 GT3 RS. As far as we know, this is the only 918 finished in this shade of orange.
To make it even more unique, the owner has opted for a matte grey Salzburg Livery with the number 3. A livery that we've seen on quite a few 918's now and I must say it suits the car quite well. And as every special 918 it wouldn't be complete without the Weissach Package.
The car is seen around Monaco quite often where it stands out, at least a little bit, with the bright paintwork.

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Porsche 918 Spyder # 743

Thursday 25 May

This time we're highlighting a 918. As with all of these highlights, in a pretty special specification. Finished in Paint to Sample Arena Red (84S). This color was used by Porsche mainly between 1996 and 2003, mostly known from the 993 Turbo. This is the only 918 painted in this shade of red, it has the Weissach Package but the regular Platinum wheels over the Acid Green brake calipers, silver calipers would fit better with this color in my opinion but apparently Porsche was very insisting on having all 918 calipers in the bright shade of green. The Acid Green is seen again on the inside as the color for Piping on the black leather / alcantara seats, where most 918's have full leather seats. The steering wheel is also in alcantara. The car was delivered at a Porsche dealership in New Jersey and hasn't been seen around very much since. Which probably means it spends most of it's time in the garage.

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McLaren P1 # 324

Wednesday 17 May

Another MSO P1. This one is finished in a unique paint color named 'Electric Blue', the same color is used for the P1 logo on the engine cover. Being a MSO P1 the bespoke touches obviously don't stop there. The carbon fiber door mirrors are accented by a Copper Bronze stripe along with the P1 logo. The rear wing is finished in a well-known specification for the P1's with the top part being painted in body color and the underside finished in exposed carbon fiber.
On the inside the car has a black and white two-tone alcantara interior, with the black alcantara seats and white alcantara inserts along with Almond White stitching. The logo on the steering wheel is finished in carbon fiber with the speedmark in the 'Electric Blue' body color along with a matching stripe around it. This is the same design you'll find on the center hub caps.
This car was listed for sale at McLaren Scottsdale but has recently been sold, we hope the new owner enjoys this unique car and uses it for what it's been made.

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Koenigsegg Regera # 7129

Wednesday 10 May

The first customer Regera. After the two prototypes: the production spec car and the first prototype, and 2 years of development, the 80 Regeras (all of which are pretty much spoken for) start rolling out of the factory in Ängelholm. The first customer 1,500-horsepower hybrid is presented here in a well known sports car livery. The British Racing Green tinted carbon fiber goes perfectly together with the rich Saddle Brown leather. This car also has the Regera carbon fiber wheel option. The ‘Tresex’ hollow-core wheels reduce wheel mass by 40% compared to a lightweight alloy wheel of the same size. The second car has also already been shown, finished in candy apple red with a clear carbon centre section and candy apple red hood stripe.
Koenigsegg is rapidly growing, hitting record sales in 2016 and for the first time having two completely distinct models being built in parallel. To cut down on waiting times they are currently hiring 40 new employees. You can have a look here if this is something for you.

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Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse # 80

Friday 5 May

This is the 1000th car on our website! Which is just about 600 days apart from the very first car, this Porsche 918 Spyder #101. I saw 918 #101 at a dealership close to where I live in April 2015, which was also the first time I saw a 918 up close. I was fascinated by the fact that the number out of 918 was displayed above the oil cap on the rear deck, and I was interested to see how the 917 others are specced. Around the same time another nearby dealership had 2 918's #604 and #530. Collecting data for those three cars sparked the idea to make a website, so people could see the cars I had collected and at some point help out with adding more cars. So after some work creating a website from scratch, I launched Exclusive Car Registry 15th of September 2015.
While improving the site with more features and better functionality, more cars slowly made their way into the database. The 100th car was uploaded on the 8th of July 2016, this unique P1 #170. From that point on I started spending more time on the project and the next 100 cars were added almost twice as fast, with number 200 being P1 #209, a beautiful MSO creation which recently sold at an auction for $2,392,500.
Around that time I started looking for more cars instead of the 918's, P1's and 675LT's which then were about the only cars getting uploaded. By adding the Veyron, One-77, Vulcan, Huayra BC and Agera RS to name a few, the website was able to grow much quicker and some more people got interested. At which point I started making an upload feature, so instead of sending cars via mail and socials, people could directly add cars to the database. And with the help of one frequent visitor 5280CarScene, who uploaded almost 700 cars at the time of writing, we were up to 500 in no time, with this Hennessey Venom GT #4 around March 6th 2017. And now not even 2 months later we are at 1000 with this satin black / exposed carbon fiber Grand Sport Vitesse.
And it's not slowing down, with another 200 cars in the queue. This long of a waiting list is not ideal, but I'm already looking into making more changes so this could be improved in the future, along with a bunch of other ideas I have that will at some point make it to the website.
Thanks to everyone who helped out and on to the next 1000!

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McLaren P1 # 177

Monday 24 April

This week's highlight is yet another MSO P1. As mentioned in previous posts, MSO offers a wide array of customisation options, showcased here by the unique paint job on P1 #177. If a regular MSO color doesn't suffice, you can mix some together to create a chameleon-like effect.
The Pacific Blue paint changes color depending on the angle you're looking at it. From blue to light purple and orange when the sun hits it.
Ofcourse the customisation doesn't end there, as the owner also opted to have matching air vents, carbon seat backs, and P1 badges on engine bay and headrests.
This unique paint job doesn't come cheap, at a reported cost of $ 75.000.
You'd think this P1 is truly one of a kind but there's actually another one very similar to this located in America. P1 #127 in Cerberus Pearl features almost the same colors, but it's a bit brighter and more orange instead of purple.

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McLaren P1 # 196

Tuesday 18 April

This P1 was uploaded a while back but has recently come up for sale at RDS Automotive Group and this unique opportunity certainly deserves a highlight.
This car is loaded with MSO options, worth $115,672 to be exact, we'll mention the most interesting ones here.
First of all, and most noticeable, is the MSO exterior paint called Burton Blue. The top half of the rear wing is also painted in this color while the bottom half is finished in exposed carbon fiber. To contrast that blue color, the original owner has chosen orange brake calipers. This contrasting color returns on a lot of elements around the car, such as the stitching, seat belts and the P1 logo on the engine cover. Pretty much all carbon fiber options are present inside and out and all are in the satin finish. This car is also one of a few P1's to be fitted with the 24 carat gold exhaust heat shield, which in our opinion goes nicely together with the blue paint. Lastly the MSO team signed the underside of the bonnet.
The car was delivered new to McLaren Dallas at a price of $1,270,672 and is now being sold at RDS Automotive Group for $2,600,000. With all the MSO customisation, this is certainly a good investment if you are in the market for one if you ask us.

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Audi R8 Audi Sport Edition

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Thursday 13 April

The Audi Sport Edition R8 is a hommage to the most successful year of the Audi Sport (formerly called Quattro) racing program. Audi Sport boss Stephan Winkelmann (former Lamborghini CEO) says the 24 R8 LMS titles, 85 race wins and 100 podium finishes have to be celebrated with something special, in form of the limited edition R8.
The car will be limited to 200 units and is recognizable by the bright red side blades and wing mirrors. You'll also find this contrasting color on the brake calipers and interior trim pieces (such as the 12 o'clock stripe on the steering wheel, inspired by the R8 LMS). The front splitter, grille and rear diffuser will always be painted in Titanium black, along with the gloss black finish on the exhausts. Add to that the Silver paint color the car is launched with and you have the Audi Sport colors.
Apart from deciding if you want the V10 or V10 Plus, which adds some horsepower and a wing on the back, the only thing you'll be able to change on the exterior is the paint color. Floret Silver (gloss or satin), Mythos Black and Ibis White are the options Audi has provided.
On the inside you'll have black and red nappa leather with dark silver stitching and embossed R8 logos on the seats. To remind you that you're in a limited edition R8 the doorsills will illuminate with a "1/200" inscription.
The car has been added to our website to start collecting them once the orders are opening in May.

McLaren P1 # 340

Wednesday 12 April

When you have a look at the McLaren P1's on our website, you'll see a lot of owners went to MSO to make their car more unique. And as seen on P1 #77 or #268 McLaren's Special Operations division is able to do everything the customer desires, which in case of the second example is maybe "a bit" too much.
As both shown examples are some of the most "in your face" P1's out there, P1 #340 takes a more subtle approach. Finished in a custom MSO shade of dark blue with a white stripe across the side. Most P1's have the front and rear bumper finished in exposed carbon fiber but the owner chose to have them painted in the same color. Other unique details are the 24 carat gold exhaust heat shield and the Bruce McLaren shield on the back.
This specification was inspired by the owner's matching F1, as are his MSO HS and 675LT. If you go to the page of his MSO HS you'll see a picture of them all together, which makes for quite a sight!

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Porsche 911 R # 967

Wednesday 5 April

This 911 R went up for auction with RM Sotheby's at their 2017 Paris event, it sold for € 515.200.
While some of the first 911 R's sold for crazy high prices at auctions because of the hype around it's manual transmission, this isn't just a regular 911 R. The car was made available with only two colors, White and GT Silver Metallic with the option of adding R-exclusive stripes in red or green. But some owners went for a more unique color through Porsche's PTS (Paint to Sample) program with "special" colors that Porsche made available, while only 50 are "true" PTS.
This example has a lot of Porsche Exclusive options and remains one of the most unique 911 R's seen to date. It was delivered to Paris, finished in PTS Slate Grey with contrasting silver R stripes and yellow Porsche lettering. On the inside there are black leather bucket seats with houndstooth inserts.
The original owner made this car a tribute to Steve McQueen, which is indicated by the personalized illuminated door sills with McQueen’s famous quote: ‘Racing is life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.’ It also has the single mass flywheel, custom floor mats and was the only PTS 911 R delivered to France.
The chassis number 967 was chosen by the owner as a reference to the original 911 R built for racing in 1967.

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McLaren P1 # 255

Sunday 2 April

This particular P1 is owned by F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton. It's finished in a unique bright shade of blue with glossy exposed carbon fiber and gloss black wheels with blue stripes. The blue and black theme is continued on the inside with blue alcantara and black leather.
Just like Lewis' one-off Zonda 760LH, his P1 will probably only be seen on the roads occasionally.
Hamilton is not the only F1 driver with a P1 in the garage as Jenson Button also has one (not yet uploaded on our website).

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Koenigsegg Regera by CvK

News   1
Tuesday 28 March

The Koenigsegg Regera how Koenigsegg CEO, Christian von Koenigsegg himself would spec it.
The car is finished in Blue tinted carbon with gold leaf striping, along with gold leaf on the carbon fiber wheels. An option that was first shown at this years Geneva International Motor Show. If there ever would be a Regera 'Naraya' we guess it would pretty much look like this.
See more pictures on Koenigsegg's Facebook page.
See all Regera's currently on our website.

Pagani Huayra # 27

Sunday 26 March

This car is the first Huayra to have the Pacchetto Tempesta installed. It was first shown at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show together with the unveiling of the Huayra BC.
The package costs €160.000 ($173k). There's no power increase, but you do get improved airflow under the chassis and more downforce, this is achieved by the new front splitter and rear diffuser, as well as a new underbody. Due to these changes the car requires a new set of four-way adjustable Ohlins shocks.
The price includes a new set of wheels which are bigger yet lighter than the standard Huayra rims. Last but not least, the car gets a new exhaust system. The hand-welded titanium system weighs 3kg less than the original system.
Pagani aims to improve the handling of the Huayra with this package by reducing roll and pitch of the car, for a more sporty but still comfortable driving experience.

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Edit Update

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Sunday 26 March

The details page has been updated with an expanded edit feature.
You can now edit all data provided with a car, thanks to the addition of: Number, Interior and Sale Listing tiles.
Thanks to everyone who uses this for helping us grow our database with more accurate and up to date information.

Pagani Huayra # 60

Tuesday 21 March

The Pagani Huayra "La Monza Lisa" is the first "one-off" Huayra. It has been fitted with the Pacchetto Tempesta after it unfortunately got involved in an accident.
It's owned by Kris 'lamborghiniks' Singh and that means it has some good company in the garage. Such as the 1 of 3 Veneno Coupe, those two will be joined soon by the Koenigsegg Agera XS.
La Monza Lisa is also the first customer owned Pagani to be driven on rallies across 3 different continents (all in under 6 months) by joining the Pagani events in Japan, Italy and America. Which means this is probably the most driven Huayra out there!

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Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse # 92

Sunday 19 March

This is the last Bugatti Veyron ever made, named "La Finale". The car pays homage to the very first Veyron by flipping the color scheme of car #001 but now finished in exposed carbon fiber.
The interior is features "Silk" and "Hot Spur" Leather (Beige and Red). The center console is finshed in the same red carbon fiber as the exterior. The famous Bugatti Elephant is also displayed around the car in a black / bronze color, you can find it on the hubcaps (milled from a single block of aluminium), on the gas cap and last but not least on the storage cover in between the seats right above the "450/450" lettering.

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Pagani Huayra Dinastia # 1

Saturday 18 March

The Pagani Huayra "Dinastia" has been produced to celebrate the launch of Pagina China. The Dinastia series is limited to 3 vehicles and this is the first one. Named Baxia and finished in Blue Exposed Carbon Fiber with graphics of Baxia on the front fenders. Baxia is a dragon that can float on water, hence the blue color of the car.
The other 2 cars in the Dinastia series are finished in Purple Exposed Carbon Fiber (Dinastia "Yazi") and in Red Exposed Carbon Fiber (Dinastia "Chiwen").
The Huayra Dinastia is differentiated from the standard Huayra by the slightly different side skirts and the carbon fiber fin on the rear decklid.

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Homepage Update

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Saturday 18 March

This is the new home page. This gives an overview of all things this site has to offer. News stories, latest additions and cars for sale.