Vehicle information
Production number / 799
Chassis number 219719
Color Rosso Corsa
Interior Red Denim Fabric
lu ND0159
Instagram @nicola_daniello
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  • Owner
  • Andre Ritzinger
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  • F12tdf 'Ecurie Francorchamps'
  • Owned by the President of the Ferrari Club Belgio
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    This car was designed through the Ferrari Tailor Made atelier to pay tribute to Ecurie Francorchamps, a small racing team by Jacques Swaters. The inspiration for this car came from the team's Ferrari 330 P4 (chassis #0856) driven by Willy Mairesse and Jean Blaton to third place at the 1967 Le Mans 24hr.

    The car has a lot of special details, too much to share them all here so I'll keep it short with some of the highlights.
    Rosso Corsa paint with racing livery in Giallo Modena. PROVA MO-159 in white on rear carbon fiber cross member, this was the registration that was (painted) on the 330 P4 #24 at Le Mans. Prova means test driving on an Italian plate and MO is for the region of Modena where Ferrari is based. White ceramic tailpipe tips. Red denim fabric interior with yellow Cavalino stitched on the headrests and blue 4 point harnesses. And a special dedication plate with the Francorchamps Scuderia symbol 'Ecurie Francorchamps'.
    This car is owned by the president of the Ferrari club Belgio Nicola Daniello.