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Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

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Friday 24 August

The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is finally here. The final Aventador model was introduced at Car Week in Monterey.
It has 770 horsepower (like the Centenario) and 720nm of torque. It is essentially an evolved Aventador SV, with added tech that we know from the Huracán Performante called ALA (Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva) Lamborghini’s Active Aero, which you can clearly see by the very aggressive shapes guiding the air around the car. Seeing that the SVJ currently holds the Nürburgring lap record this aero must do its work properly.
Lamborghini will make 900 units of the Aventador SVJ Coupe, there is no roadster announced yet but we could assume that this version will follow in due course. Another version that was already announced though is the SVJ 63. With 63 as in 1963, the year Lamborghini was founded and also the number of units that will be made of this limited edition SVJ. As far as we can see this version only has a few cosmetic differences, with the 63 stickers being the most obvious, meaning it is not really that different from the ‘standard’ SVJ.
The first cars should be delivered from the beginning of 2019 onwards at a starting price of 349.000 euros (excluding taxes).
The various Aventador SVJ versions will be added to Exclusive Car Registry with the next car update, ready for users to collect these cars once they arrive in a few months’ time.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage V600

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Saturday 16 June

Aston Martin brings out yet another limited-run model. The production of the new Vantage is well underway but they’ve decided to put out some more Vantages of the old body shape, with some design elements from the new model however.
Q will make 14 of the V12 Vantage V600, 7 of which are coupes and 7 roadsters. As the name suggests the 5.9l V12 that’s under the hood will produce 600hp, all of them with a manual 7-speed gearbox. The body looks quite like a GT12 without a wing but even wider and meaner with the bigger grille and diffuser, unique hood vents and quad exhaust tips, making this the ultimate Vantage of the old shape.
With only 14 cars you’d think they would all be sold but apparently there’s still some cars left, maybe that’s because of the massive price tag of 1.2 million pounds.
The V12 Vantage V600 will be added to the website once cars start being delivered this fall.
Images: Chris Harris & Aston Martin

570S Spider Canada Commission

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Sunday 22 April

Just like McLaren Newport Beach ordered their custom 570S, Pfaff Automotive has done the same for their dealerships through Canada. This bespoke project isn’t race-focused like the MSO X is, but instead takes a more subtle approach through unique modifications by McLaren’s Special Operations.
The 570S Spider Canada Commission, as the name suggests, is Canadian themed with the Silica White paintwork and red tinted carbon fiber representing the colors of the Canadian flag. White accent stripes are found on the lower carbon fiber parts (splitter, side skirts & diffuser) and to let you know this isn’t just any 570S with a special MSO treatment, Canadian flags are placed on the side skirts (instead of the 570S script) and a maple leaf on the rear deck. A custom plaque on the inside will also point out that this is the 1 of 5 Canada Commission. Continuing on the inside, the black leather and alcantara is accented by a red alcantara roof liner and steering wheel.
McLaren has a history in Canada with Bruce McLaren winning three races in a row in the Canadian Sportscar Championship behind the wheel of the McLaren M1B in 1966; Bruce McLaren and Denny Hulme finishing first and second at the Canadian Grand Prix in 1968; and the 1-2-3 podium finish at the opening round of the Can-Am Challenge in 1969 by Bruce McLaren, Denny Hulme and John Surtees in McLaren M8B and M12 racecars[LC1]. This car was commissioned to celebrate that history.
Five of these will be made, with 3 being delivered through McLaren Toronto and the other two at McLaren Montréal and McLaren Vancouver for a price-tag of around $280,000.
We’ve added the Canada Commission to the website ready to collect the 5 cars as soon as deliveries start.
Info & pictures via PFAFF Automotive.

McLaren MSO X

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Wednesday 28 March

The ‘entry level’ McLaren recently received a special treatment by MSO, in form of the MSO X. The name translates exactly to what the car is, McLaren Special Operations Ten, a special order limited to 10 examples.
The car is not a regular off the line model by McLaren, instead it’s a custom order by some important customers commissioned by McLaren Newport Beach. That means you could only get the car if you were in on it and only through the dealer in Newport Beach.
The MSO X could be seen as a street legal 570S GT4 race car, because it essentially is just that. A lot of parts are similar if not the same as seen on the GT4, for example the intakes that start at the front bumper and exit out of the hood and the big rear spoiler. But there’s also a roof scoop, a feature that the GT4 doesn’t have. That’s basically as far as the modifications go, since they are only cosmetical, meaning there’s no change to the power output.
To tie in with the racecar theme the cars are all finished in a color scheme inspired by F1 GTR racecars, the liveries are not painted but applied in form of a vinyl wrap by Protective Film Soloutions.
We’ve recently added this car to our website and almost instantly had all 10. Thanks go out to the users who uploaded them. We are currently still looking for better pictures and accurate locations for most cars so if you have extra information feel free to let us know through the edit functionality.
Image by McLaren Newport Beach

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse #79

Thursday 25 January

This Veyron is an interesting one to say the least. Originally delivered to its first owner (presumably named Daniel going by the stitching on the headrests) in Singapore. Daniel must be a massive fan of the movie franchise Transformers because he specced his car with a two-tone blue paintjob which shows the Autobot logo on the hood and carries through that same design on the sides. The Autobot logo is seen again on the inside between the seats, finished in brushed aluminium.
The car is painted in Bugatti Light Blue (with a darker shade of blue for the logo) and the bottom is finished in blue exposed carbon fiber. On the inside we see the same blue exposed carbon fiber on the doors as well as the center console. The interior is upholstered with light and dark blue leather and light blue stitching.
As is the case with most of these cars this one mainly saw the inside of the owners garage before being sold and shipped over to Los Angeles mid 2015. From then it started its tour of luxury car dealers in the state of California, starting with Los Gatos Luxury cars then moving on to Ilusso and now recently at CNC Exotics where its only showing 476 miles on the clock.
It’s not surprising that this car hasn’t found an owner yet since you’d pretty much have to be named Daniel and be a fan of Transformers. Until that person comes along this car will probably reside inside of a dealership, where it has been most of its life.

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